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Here is some of Projects I've Participated in

Windows Froms

1- Point of Sales System for medium & small shops. 2- Vouchers Management System for shipping bills . 3- Warehouse System inventory and automated the process of income and outcome.

Web Applications

1- Enterprise Management Integrated System.--> 2- Active Archive System using CSS3 and HTML5. 3- Human Resources (HR) Implemented Assessment Module.

Web Design

Complete over 20 Websites Using Wordpress , php CSS and Managing Host Servers.

About Me

Najwan Mohammed Ali , Software Developer & Web Designer, Iraqi from Baghdad interested in Software and Technology Graduated from University of Technology Iraq-Baghdad Computer science and Information System Department , I've been working as software developer since 2010, I've build a lot of web and windows applications using C#, ASP.NET , SQL SERVER 2008 R2 , HTML , CSS my start was programming using C++ & VB6 at college, After graduation I worked in software company and after while joined to another Company at the same field and still with them till now , At this time I'm learning to build Android applications and trying to be more professional in this field.
  • 2012

    In 2012 my Experience Increased fast

    With Niqta for Computer & Informatics,I'm still lucky keep working with my friends. My experiences has been increasing in dealing with customers directly and give training and marketing field , developing vary kind of Solutions for individuals and Government.

  • 2010

    My Career started in 2010

    With Iraq Global Technologies,I was very fortunate to have been associated with them, for twenty months. My experiences and training have been invaluable, I am proud of what I’ve done there and the people I have had the chance to work with and I left them with many pleasant memories.

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Windows Forms

Web Application



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High Power
Adhwaa Ahshamal
Al Sahil Pharma Group

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